How do I figure out what size I need?

Start at the How to Measure page, where you will be prompted to take three measurements: Bust Width, Bust Depth, and Back Band measurements. Unlike standard bra sizing with “alphabet” cup sizes, my bras take into account the width of the breast root as well as the cup depth. To measure, you will need to use the METRIC side of your measuring tape as all sizes are in metric. This is because metric is smaller increments and divisible by 10, which makes for a more accurate fit. Problems? Contact me here.

How do I download and open my pattern?

Upon payment on the Checkout page, your download will be provided. If you don’t see the link, scroll down. It is recommended that you download your pattern immediately as the system holds the transaction for a very short time. This is an unfortunate glitch in the software I’m using, and I have yet to find a workaround. If you miss your download window, email me and I will manually send your pattern to your email. To open your pattern, you will need the free Adobe Reader software. You must open it from a desktop or laptop as Adobe Reader doesn’t support large scale printing from a tablet or phone.

How do I print my pattern?

As previously mentioned, you’ll need Adobe Reader for desktop or laptop. You can also take your pattern to a copy shop on a flash drive. Most patterns are under six pages so this should not be expensive. To print, open the pattern in Adobe Reader and click print. A dialog box will pop up and you will want to select the “poster “option in the center of the dialog box. Click “print” and your pattern should tile onto standard size paper. It should work for both 8.5 x 11 and A4 paper sizes. Check the 5 cm size square to make sure it printed at the correct size. Tape pieces together and you’re ready to sew.

Print Screen Dialog Box
Adobe Reader Print Screen Dialog Box

How do I sew my pattern?

See the Instructions page on this website. It will give you the instructions on how to sew your bra. Questions? Feel free to contact me here. I am very responsive to email so you should have an answer back rather quickly. Happy sewing!

How do I alter my pattern?

Instructions on how to alter your pattern are available on the Pattern Hacks page of this website or on YouTube (search Firebrand Lingerie). The most common pattern hack is adjusting for a wide or narrow breast root. You know that Y (overbust) measurement you took at the beginning? This is where you adjust for fit in the width of the cup. There are many other fit tutorials on that page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me here for further instructions. I may need to do a video to address your issue so others can learn as well.

I don’t see my question answered here.

Please contact me with your questions! I may need to add to this list, so your input is vital. Also, if you find an error on your pattern, contact me so I can get it fixed.