Underarm Elastic

Want to add some stretch to a nonstretch band without using a French back? Use underarm elastic instead! Here I have used custom dyed 4 inch elastic stitched into the side seam. This triangular inset allows for stretch and makes it easier to use a more traditional back closure, specifically a hook and eye. Simply topstitch elastic into the band. It adds a nice, comfortable touch to your bras. Give it a try!

Jet Set Natural

Bullet bra too pointy? Never fear, the Jet Set Natural is here! Based on the super comfortable wire free Jet Set Bullet Bra pattern, the Jet Set Natural has a curved equator seam for a more natural shape. Instructions are still super easy to follow and you can have your bra done in an hour or two at most. Available now in the Shop!

The French Back

Did you know that most vintage bras from the 1950s have a French back? What exactly is a French back? The simplest explanation is that a French back is doubled over elastic with either a hook and eye or G hook closure. The Jet Set bullet bra pattern is drafted with the French back in mind. The back band on the Jet Set is drafted from direct measurement minus 25% for ease. You can adjust the length of the wing or the length of your elastic depending on which type of closure you want to use. With the Jet Set, the possibilities are endless.

The Jet Set Bullet Bra

Jet Set bullet bra

Many years in the making, introducing the Jet Set bullet bra pattern. I’ve always been a fan of vintage clothing, particularly the styles from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The bullet bra is definitely a 1950’s invention. With the bullet bra, the “sweater girl” became an icon. After many years of teaching myself how to draft bra patterns, I came up with this. Constructed of cotton or other nonstretch material, the bra gets it’s shaping from clever design. If you like to sew vintage, like I do, period undergarments are a must for vintage designs. I am currently in the process of grading this pattern to make it commercially available. Want to help? I NEED YOUR MEASUREMENTS! I need to know so I can define a size range as I want to be able to fit everyone. See the How to Measure page and then contact me with your info.